Putting "queer" in a work bio

I had almost the exact same moment recently when I had the opportunity to go to a workshop on LGBTQIA+ (their acronym) as it relates to my field. I signed up voluntarily because I want to know what kind of stuff they are pushing to “the straights.” I’m bi sexual and in a straight relationship but I still do not appreciate being lumped in with trans. I know I will have to keep my damn mouth shut. The panel members’ qualifications are much higher than college student level but the blurbs were full of “queer” and of course one of the panel is a TIM. I might have to uninvite myself if I’m feeling feisty that day. I can see how gender presentation is relevant to a workplace, but gender ID not really. I can see how sexuality could maybe be important if you work as some kind of homosexual support group leader or maybe an HIV clinic but it’s not appropriate or necessary to talk about in many workplaces, including mine. My coworkers really don’t need to know my long saga with loving women

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