Question about Gordon Ryan's passing on disc one

I’m hoping he explains why he’s using a certain style of passing. I feel that’s what most passing instructionals are missing. I personally need to understand the strategy to be able to connect the dots.

I hope this isn't all over the map.

I think Ryan Hal made the best guard passing set in terms of concepts and explaining what strategies to use and when. The first disc of that alone was so crucial for my understanding of when to use what strategies and stuff like that.

Gordon's set isn't as conceptual in a broad sense, but it definitely connects the dots on why he passes how he does. He distills it down to blending 3 passing styles: tight, loose, and submission. And FWIW he says you don't get the entire instructional until you've seen all of it and it connects the dots more at the end. I haven't seen it all yet.

But so far it seems like he goes through and shows certain styles for each, such as:

  1. tight passing: getting chest to chest with a head and arm grip or body lock.
  2. loose passing: toreando passing or leg drag passing
  3. submission passing: darce to pass the knee shield and saddle to pass reverse Delariva.

His float passing system is sort of a hybrid between all of them. So you can kind of go into either, by leg pummeling say...into a toreando (loose), knee slide (tight), or guillotine (submission).

He has some odd lingo. He uses terms like split squat pass, which I've never heard before. And he differentiates between passing on the cross hamstring or same side hamstring.

Here's a Q&A on it if it might help you:

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