A real tip from a pizza man

First let's be straight about something, my husband is a people guy, people just like him and nothing he has accomplished could have been done without networking and people putting a bug in someone else's ear, he is the kind of guy that people want on their team if that makes sense. He started off after he graduated in 2007 by working a customer support/tech-support role in a smallish software techie place. He started off making about 35,000 a year. He ended up staying with the company for about five years, and in that time learned everything he could. Because it was a small company he was able to do trainings, work with offshore resources, and most importantly use his writing skills to write tech manuals and instructions, eventually moving full-time into the quality assurance department as a tester and later an analyst. In time, he would be the go to guy for writing scripts, and head of the dept which sounds like a bigger deal than it was considering the dept was him, an intern and one other guy. The big thing was that he was able to market his skills from being an English major. His degree doesn't just show that he's skilled in writing and literature, it shows that he has the ability to LEARN and that he can finish something that he starts. Plus Communication skills are still pretty big in the business world. His ability to write, his ability to carry a meeting helps him tremendously in a field where many are, let's be honest here, a little lacking in social and public speaking skills. In order to make it a six figure income he spent about three years contracting. Taking 6-12 month contracts each offering a bit more and each padding the resume a bit, going from QA analyst to BA Analyst, to Corporate Training, back to QA but as a lead this time, etc. Contracting has its perks but its downsides and eventually one of his former mentors let him know about a Lead software business analyst job at the local power company where she works now, put in a good word and that's where he is today. He has learned A LOT about software and computers, but really it's his people skills, technical writing ability and communication skills that pushed him forward.

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