Redditors who got divorced within a year of their wedding: what happened? Why did you go through with the wedding in the first place?

I never thought I would be one to answer this question... if you had asked me two years ago if this would ever be a reality in my life I would have bet a million dollars against it - little did I know! I was with a man for 2+ years who had kids from a previous marriage (and had a vasectomy). We ended up living together with one of the kids still at home. During this time we had gone back and forth about having children. As it became increasingly more important to me... he wasn't that into it, having already done it before. I tried to end the relationship when I realized it wasn't going to happen - saying that I understood his position but that this was a deal breaker for me - that I couldn't make my life about his past... and wanted to experience parenting with my partner with children of our own. He knew that I wouldn't agree to marry him without this commitment between us - and we started to discuss breaking up. He came back to me after agreeing to separate and said that he was a fool and didn't realize how much he was just being scared to do it again - and in fact, really wanted to have more children with me. He was supposed to look into reversing his vasectomy and schedule the appt to have it done in the spring. I felt so excited and grateful that he wanted to move forward with this.. and believed him that he had finally come to decide he wanted this too. (It was really important to me that he wanted this equally with me.. he couldn't just do it for me.. we had to both want it and be all in or it just wouldn't work or be healthy for us). He proposed, I said yes, and we got married. We decided to have both a private and a public ceremony... and after the private ceremony, and 5 weeks before the public ceremony, he decided to share with me that he actually hadn't been telling the truth - that he didn't want kids, and that he realized he had made a commitment but had discussed it with his friends and they were encouraging him to tell me the truth. I was gutted. Something broke inside of me that day - where I realized that I had married someone based on a foundation of lies... and we were about to have our big ceremony in front of family and friends... the next weeks are a blur of "one foot in front of the other".. because I still loved him so much, and had chosen the person I thought was my life partner... and had never felt more betrayed... All of this to say, while I went through with the public ceremony, it was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I wasn't ready to be done.. and was trying to figure out how to move forward with my vows intact... with someone who was supposed to love me more than anyone in the world.. and who had mislead me about something so dear to my heart. I wasn't able to move past it... and I ended up leaving the marriage 2 months after the public ceremony - 5 months after marriage. It was devastating and humiliating... I just realized I couldn't have a marriage based on lies.. and that if he had told me the truth.. we never would have gotten married. I am lucky though... after I left this relationship, I was divorced 8 months later.. and have since found a loving and honest partner. I'm still embarrassed now and again when someone asks me how newlywed life is... and due to his children, I have never said a negative word about him in public.. but privately it was a hell I would not wish on my worst enemy... and I will never be able to forget the pain of the experience and what happened. Thankfully though.. I can and have moved on with life... I am indeed a very lucky lady. (and no.. I still don't have children.. but dream of it happening one day...not much time left being 38.. but there is always hope!)

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