Why do Redpill and Mgtow guys care about degeneracy in women/society if they don't want to get married or have long term relationships?

Hmmm I believe from you statements you are a grandiose narcissistic personality.

no. I judge myself by objective measures, I dont like many parts about myself, but narcissism would mean being selfishly arrogant just because, but thats not the case. I care about other people just as much as about me, thats why I tell them what I know. unfortunately it isnt always perceived that way. but the intention is pure and the statement truthful. Im not the issue if people dont understand the reasoning or feel belittled by being corrected.

Generally that type of arrogance and believing you know more than pretty much anyone else men and women shows this type of unfortunate personality type.

my life would be easier if it was just that, and funnily enough I am appreciated by people high in intelligence as well as low, Its just the middle field who knows enough to have opinions but cant understand logical patterns in explanation and cant find the contradiction in theirs.

People will avoid you like the plague If you display that type of attitude that you know more than them all the time.

No, only certain types of people

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