Rudest Interview Ever

That's awful and I am sorry you had to experience it. I had a phone interview once (non teaching) that literally started with the guy scolding me for not "sounding more excited" at the beginning. I was thrown off by that because we had literally just done the "Oh good afternoon, yes I have some time to talk with you" greeting. He straight up told me he felt that because I wasn't "bubbling and yelling with joy" that he had called me he wasn't sure I wanted the job.

At that point I simply replied with "My apologies, as this sounded like an interview call I felt it best to keep my tone professional."

A few hours after the call I sent him an email thanking him for his time and telling him I had accepted another position. Dude actually sent me back a passive aggressive reply about how much I would be missing out on and acting like I was making the biggest mistake of my career but it was like, nah. I am not working for some guy who expects complete strangers to sing his praises and kiss booty just for him giving them the time of day.

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