[S7E3] Sir Davos is that wingman you always have, but you dont deserve.

Man she's such an annoying character. She was born a Targaryan and got gifted dragons eggs. Her persistence is commendable but if the eggs had turned out to be duds when she burned herself, she would have lost all support even if she'd survive.

Now she's in Westeros and there's a crazy captain wreaking havoc on her ships, and instead of taking her dragons and just nip that thing in birth, she agrees she's too valuable to risk being put in danger and as a result tens of thousands of her followers die. She's afraid of scouting for a huge ass navy in the open ocean in case they shoot arrows at her. Stay at 500 feet and let the other two torch the WOODEN ships you god damn,...

Meanwhile she's talking down to a dude who fought his way through blood and bones to protect the people who later killed him for wanting to protect even more people, was brought back to life and spearheaded an attack to free even more people. He was at the frontlines of every battle that united the North (and beyond) and then walks into the lions den in a bid to save the world, and instead he had to listen to that entitled princess talk about how hard her life was.

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