Salt lake ratio

Traditionalist Mormon women tend to be extremely entitled and self-victimized: they tend not to want a career/education, want to stay at home, make babies, and be financially supported. If a divorced, Mormon woman (especially with kids) has to work to support herself, it's a horrible, evil tragedy...and sex is a beggars market with them. No thanks to any of that package. No comment on exmo women.

Outside of Utah, dating is a disaster. So many younger singles have had so many sex partners that they are unable to pair-bond for a long term relationship. And most of the divorced women are single moms with sole custody of kids that are an overall liability. They don't have much time for a guy, but they want to be financially supported. Hard pass on any of that.

The social contract between men and women is broken. I would lower your expectations for a happy long-term relationship. Serial-monogamous FWB may be as good as it gets for smart guys these days.

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