[Serious] Goodbye, you could have least tried writing something useful.

after failing to help another suicidal poster and being blamed for them killing themselves im starting to lack sympathy for these "fuck you guys because you cant fix my problems" posts. if we cant give up what youre looking for then seek professional help. its not right for you to make this sub feel any more guilt than we already are feeling. chances are most of us are dealing with our own suicidal thoughts and plans.

with that being said i defend anyone who attempts to help in this sub cause they really are helpful. no one is going to give you a magic answe to cure your depression in one day. you said it yourself..."yesterday". im sorry you feel the way you do and maybe my comment will be deleted for how direct it is but i'll deal with the consequences of that when it happens. if youre reading this know that it doesnt stop there. this is the point where i get a little more positive. i wont feed you the "i care" "bullshit" though since you feel so strongly against it

you tried many things im sure, but did you try them for a long enough amount of time. did you give them a fair chance of working? also you need to know youre the only one with the power to take yourself out of this. all we can do is assist you. but ultimately you have to be the one who fights the battle. if your battle is over, then its over. and i dont say this lightly. i think my battle is close to an end as well but im not going to make everyone else feel accountable for my death.

so yeah, if you need someone to talk to im here but i cant fucking take another "you werent helpful enough so im killing myself now". it happened to me already and im sure he's really gone now so if youre going to use me as the one to fight YOUR battle i doubt i'll be of any help but if you could use some advice, ecouragement and relatable experience im here.

i apologize to the mods in advance if i broke any rules with this post.

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