[Serious] How Do You Feed Yourself? I Am Clueless And Want To Learn Before It's Too Late

Simple recipe to get you started, 5 mins work:

- Get a slow cooker

- 1 lb of frozen veggies (pick whatever mix looks good at the store)

- 1 lb of meat (your choice of beef, chicken, pork, turkey, ground is fine too)

- bbq or other sauce (a few tablespoons, you'll get the hang)

- all-purpose seasoning (pick up a couple powders at the store and experiment)

Let it cook for a few hours. Eat.

Experiment with different variations for the next meal, but you can do this basically forever and you'd be eating tasty and healthy. Keep trying different sauces, veggies and meat combos. Have fun experimenting while you gain some skills.

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