Severely obese teenager desperate for a life style change.

Hey, OP! I'm glad to hear that you've decided to make a positive change in your lifestyle! I'm also in a similar situation, but decided I wasn't going to be unhealthy anymore. There are a lot of good tips on this page, and the support from this community is tremendous. I just want to highlight several things that have helped me shed off the pounds. First of all, diet, diet, diet. You don't have to make drastic changes immediately, but eating the right stuff definitely helps. My Fitness Pal is definitely an excellent tool for monitoring not just what you're eating, but also how much. Second, I've found a lot of empty calories come in the form of drinks. Often times, it's not that you're hungry, it's that you're thirsty. Drink water often, but don't force yourself to the point that your stomach stretches. Third, whenever I buy food that comes in large containers like baked chips, cereal, etc., I've found that pre-sorting into serving sizes makes everything 10x easier. It's easy to accidentally over eat too many chips, but if you have baggies that you know are exactly a serving, it makes it easier to not eat too much, but also to record. Finally, exercise is really important. I've found that a lot of people want immediate gratification, so they'll run as fast as they can until they sweat, and then they think they've done a workout. I've found this isn't nearly as effective as going at a slower pace for a longer distance. Start off with just walking a mile or so and gradually increase the distance. If you're like one of my friends who hate running, put on some headphones to make it not as bad. Gradually, as you walk more and more often, try jogging for small intervals, slowly bringing your speed up. It's better to start off slow, doing long distances than fast, doing short distances. This lets you build up a good foundation. If you have any questions or just need support, feel free to message me! I'm on the same mission as you, and would love to help you out.

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