Sexualized Lolis Are Fine

Art reflects reality, be it the creators or the audience. Sexualised lolis keep getting put in anime and manga because there is an audience for it. Anime doesn't exist in a vacuum. Media influences us and we influence media, it is a two way street.

I'll make this clearer in editing the post, but by

I believe all audiences should see anime as fully distinct from reality I didn't mean to deny that art is influenced by reality, but that the events depicted in the art should not ever be translated unquestioningly to reality. Also, Being attracted to kids, the idea of kids, or the idea of kids' bodies is disgusting and I am seriously worried that this is even up for discussion. you're right. If you are imagining a real-life kid, then yeah, that's disgusting and seriously dangerous. If it's just looking at an illustration, then there's no danger there.

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