I should have never let my boyfriend's tinder account slide.

I have no idea how I got here. My reddit account was logged out then it logged in. That being said your comment is exactly, well, kind of what I thought.

Last week I had a fresh banana and blueberry muffin. Just being in its presence was amazing. Its warmth made me oblivious to all evils in this world and its aroma, oh its aroma. There isn't a beast alive that wouldn't be made docile by the tune that muffin played on my nostrils. I could be buried naked in snow and still be content if I had that smell around me. However that was only the introduction. Then came the eating. Oh the eating!

I slowly tore away small clumps of comfort. The flavours of blueberries and banana waltzed across my tongue. Each took the lead as gracefully as they surrendered it. A score or so morsels in I felt a crunch. A tooth, no, what! A walnut! I had no idea walnuts were in this muffin, but it was welcome. So welcome. Half way in and this muffin was still surprising me. That was truly an amazing time of my life. Then it was gone. I miss the muffin, but I remember it all.

Obviously a relationship holds a bit more weight than a muffin to most people. I've never had a relationship probably because I'm a bit too preoccupied with muffins in this time of my life. I wonder if there is a tinder for muffins. I digress. Wait I don't think I had a point. I really just wanted to make this all about me and my muffin.

What I'm trying to say is I'll always remember that muffin for the time we shared. However... No this is just a silly analogy. Life is memories. Time spent enjoying life, regardless of the current situation, can't be time wasted. Besides maybe you might find a pretty rad apple and cinnamon muffin next year that is even better than banana and blueberry. Maybe you'll even decide muffins aren't all they are cracked up to be and a muffinless diet is pretty great too. Lucky you've had four years experiencing a way of living that you can always look back on.

Now I should probably go back to my subscribed subreddits. Sorry if I've broken guidelines.

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