Should I tell my best friend of 10 years the sexual abuse my dad perpetrated on me? CW

First things first: Are you a minor? If the answer to that question is yes, I suggest you stop reading after this sentence and find a responsible adult that you trust that does not live with you.

If you're not a minor, I'm still concerned for you. Whether or not you tell that person about your sexual abuse history is up to you. It's hard to tell what their reaction might be or maybe it'll hurt them. I think you need to reach out to someone from a mental health perspective or perhaps a responsible person outside of this household and your friend whom you trust. It sounds like you need to find someone to talk to.

It also sounds like you need to find somewhere safe to live. I can't help you with that seeing as I don't know your current situation. But I hope you do feel safe one day.

Best of luck!

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