Simplifying Your Game = Maximum Results

If you are a regular viewer of my articles, blog posts, and YouTube videos, then you will be very aware how deeply I delve into specific parts of seduction and sex.

I do this for 2 reasons.

Firstly, to saturate you, the reader, with refined understanding, and secondly because, like you, I continue to grow, learn, and adapt my ways of being, through life experience.

Which means the sharing continues.

A big problem that exists universally when it comes to getting better with women, and with ourselves, is that of procrastination. It is a slippery serpent that trickles its roots deeply into every aspect of ones life, where taking action is concerned.

Balance is very important on your seductive journey. Always be aware of your balance.

Having endless supplies of information and teachings is awesome, but too much of anything does not serve.

Guys who spend all their days on theory with no practical, will have a brain full of info and structure, where they could talk about it for hours, but, when it comes to actually externally manifesting it via physical application…it is non-existent.

Similar to reading 50 books on how to play golf and not being able to do it, because you have SO MANY tips and techniques in your mind, it is too confusing to even pick up a golf club…I mean, where would you even begin.

This is a disease prevalent in the pick up industry I call information overload or paralysis by analysis. There is too much been put into your brain, with 1,856 ways to even say hello. You become paralyzed… so you read more to try and fix it. It’s a vicious cycle!

My intention for this article is to de-cloud all the “amazingly cool” pieces of advice and techniques you have stuffed into your head, which are stopping you from taking action, and bring it all right back to basics.

Sound good?

Perfect. Let me give you ONLY what you need to start growing and having success, quickly.

1: Healthy Mindset and intentions.

Before doing anything, ask yourself, “what do I want from this, and why.” Define it, or at least clear it up in your own head, as this will make your action much clearer and decisive. Your intentions for this should be healthy, such as: • I want to get to know pretty girls • I want to find out how women work and behave • I want to face my fears and improve my life and happiness • I want to make women feel special, beautiful, desirable and loved • I want to sleep with/fuck heaps of women (perfectly ok) • I want to find a girlfriend • I want to learn about myself • I don’t know what I want, so I am trying everything to find out.

These are all very healthy and natural intentions and mindsets, which will always guide you in a healthy aware direction. You do not have to use the above, feel free to create your own. You should create your own.

Then own your mission and your intentions. Give yourself full permission in life to go for all of them. THAT is the sexiest thing in a man.

2: Eye Contact

I say it all the time; it is my most important principle.

Eye contact alone will get you laid like a rockstar if you become comfortable with it.

You should see your eyes not as the windows to your soul, but the windows to your intentions.

Above you saw a list of intentions, when you are focused clearly on your intention and holding strong relaxed eye contact with a woman, it shines through and seduces for you.

The foundation of my seductive interactions is good eye contact where I am feeling what it is like to be having sex with her in my mind. The eyes do not lie. Suddenly talking about the weather becomes sexy.

If you struggle to make and hold eye contact with people in general, you MUST start there first. With practice daily, it is something you can fix super fast, and see your confidence and results skyrocket.

It took me about 1 week of making a conscious effort to hold eye contact, until most of the weird overwhelming feelings to look away stopped.

Start by holding eye contact with strangers, and attractive women especially. Never be the first to break. This will teach you how to sit in tension (which is incredibly seductive)

You should have solid eye contact with anyone you engage in, men or women. People will respect you and trust you very quickly for being open with them. It is also a great way of expressing sexual dominance, internal strength, and confidence to the people you meet.

3: Voice

After eye contact, and in a very close second place, is your voice. When you open your mouth and speak, people do not just hear the words, but also who you are.

The voice is basically a direct manifestation of how one feels about themselves in every single aspect. It shows how you interact with yourself, what you feel you deserve in life, how you are reacting to this specific moment, and it reveals where you have placed yourself in the hierarchy.

Think about it, a man who speaks fast and high pitched, vs. a man who speaks very slowly in a low resonating tone…

Who is more captivating and charming?

Not only do you hear the difference, but you FEEL the difference in the person. Both men tell completely contrasting stories about who they believe they are, and their emotional reaction to the current moment. Your level of groundedness is shown through your voice, and simultaneously, being aware of slowing your voice down, will increase your grounding and anxiety dispersion very quickly.

When used correctly, your voice can make a woman feel incredibly comfortable, and intensely aroused at the same time.

If used wrong, your pipes will make the women and people around you feel nervous, uncomfortable, and not even willing to listen to you.


Start recording your voice on your phone app, and focus on slowing down, leaving pauses, and speaking from your belly, not your throat/head.

Using clear intent, with good eye contact, combined with a seductive voice, is basically my “game”.

The words I say are mostly irrelevant.

Just start saying hello to cute girls and making observations to start conversations.

Please do not focus on being “direct” or “indirect”. You ARE direct and moving forward due to your chosen intentions, so again, please, do not focus on this and let it go.

This is not pick-up, this is you being a seductively polarizing man, showing his sexy and seductive traits via simple understanding.

Don’t you see? You do not need techniques when your principles are solid.

That IS my entire “game” at a simple, basic, and foundational level, which generates profound and consistent results in my life, and in the lives of my students.

If you can practice just these 3 parts, I assure you, your results will change with women.

It becomes so damn easy!!

Lotsa, Chris Bale

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