Soon to be a father and I don't know what to do...

Personally im better off without my kids dad. He pays child support. I feel pretty resentful that he thinks that all he needs to contribute is money because i spent 14 years not being able to date, have a career, or even be allowed to leave my house on my own to drive to the store. I lost sleep, wrecked my body with twins, and got lower grades in my university which 15 years later are still effecting me.

You think that you can just walk away and the kid will be fine but what about her? You just made a teenager a single mother, tanked her career, ruined her body and now you are gonna abandon an infant... But sure its YOUR life that is getting ruined here... Honestly bro, the only life NOT completely ruined right now is yours.

I am better off and so is my kids without a person living with us who doesn't want to be here that much is true... But you know what? My life isn't over, its just different. Its different in a wonderful way. I love my kids, they have been the best friends I could ever ask for. They love me unconditionally. We have had a blast as they have grown. I was 21 when I had them and now they are teens. We skateboard, we go to football games, we play videogames, we tell jokes and share music. We study together, vacation together, go through tough times together. I mean who else will be at my funeral... I promise you it won't be the jokers you hang out with at 21.

You aren't just ditching out on a baby, you are ditching out on your life long best friend when they are their most vulnerable. And your girlfriend too. That's fucked up.

You wanted to be child free... Lol don't we all some times. You already made a different choice. This isn't a punishment. This is your best friend.

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