Sub-Q Thigh Injections for T?

I never said SubQ wasn't a possibility, just that that wasn't what his doctor ordered. His original post was not clear whether he then consulted his doctor. He said:

did a lot of looking into places where I could inject that way.

That's usually "Dr. Internet". He then said:

My doctor only mentioned the stomach as a possibility, but everywhere online says that thighs are just as acceptable of an injection site.

Again, not clear that he consulted his doctor after the pharmacy mistake (which, indeed, might not have even been a mistake. OP may have just been confused or the doctor is giving him such a small dose that it really didn't matter which way it was administered).

IF the dosage and schedule was formulated for IM administration AND he took it SC he'd get more T because it would absorb quicker. OP then indicated he might readminister a shot that day. THAT would be an another "overdose" because he was not following his doctor's orders.

I use that term in it's technical use because I'm a pharmacy tech. An "overdose" is anything above the prescribed dosage. It is not automatically dangerous, just something you don't want to do.

You seem to be using it in the "vernacular" implying that they could die from it. You're reading in.

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