Ted Cruz Calls on People of Faith to ‘Stand Up and Vote Our Biblical Values’

"Give to Caesar what is Caesars." Not "bemoan taxes so you can buy yourself an extended vacation and a new boat!"

Whoah! What an awesome argument. Too bad it doesn't apply to me. Or the huge majority of people.

Private implementation does not have the necessary infrastructure to redistribute funds appropriately without unnecessary overhead costs.

See, you're totally free to disagree with it. It's fine. But to call those in favor of private implementation greedy and heartless (like i see people call any republican without questions asked) is BS. They might be wrong in their desired method. But they're not greedy and heartless.

Did you know the top 10 states in terms of charitable giving are red states? On top of that, the bottom 10 are blue!

As I understand it, even when you adjust for church giving they stay almost exactly the same.

Also, It's quite well know that government workers are almost half as productive as the private sector. That's one hell of an overhead cost.

Now, Your personal stories. Thanks for those and sorry to hear you've had a rough life. I too have had that. You see my dad was made redundant due to his lack of eyesight before i was born. Caused a lot of issues. Interestingly I had the opposite situation where a baptist hospital wrote off all our medical debt.

To share an anecdotal story from my life as you shared one from yours... I used to live in NZ. Back in 2010 there was a huge earthquake. The government failed with it's social services and people were going hungry and in serious need. Do you know who pulled through? A mega church! from wellington! LGBT capital! Aka, "the preacher's graveyard". They sent trucks and trucks and trucks of food.

This article only describes half of it.

How bout that private implementation.

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