Is there anyone here who has learned to tolerate a partner that continues cheating? How did you reach that point of acceptance?

I have friends, but my husband often becomes irritable when I want to see them. I often avoid seeing them because I don’t have the energy to deal with the irritability.

I’ve been trying to get in shape for a long time. I’ve never been medically overweight, and I work out every other day (in addition to chasing my kid around). I weigh less than I did when we met, less than I did when we got married. I’m working on toning up even more, reducing my waist and growing my butt with squats, but it’s a slow process for a petite woman and it’s not happening fast enough. And it won’t do anything to fix the stretch marks on my thighs from having had my child. It won’t grow boobs on my flat chest. It won’t get rid of the cellulite I still have from my pregnancy. I doubt I’ll ever be pretty enough for my husband anyway because of my face.

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