These have been popping up around the Twin Cities.

The information is out there to support what I'm saying

No there isn't

What isn't there is anything that says more guns equals less deaths by firearms.

There is, you're just ignoring it.

Switzerland has more guns per person than almost every country in the world and yet has one of the lowest firearm homicide rate in the world. Same with Finland, same with Saudi Arabia, same with countless other countries.

Your argument is borderline retarded, the idea that someone having a gun magically makes them more likely to commit a homicide is ridiculous. If you have a populace more likely to commit crimes (because of social conditions; read: mental health) which happens to have a greater number of gun ownership it follows that there's going to be an increase in gun related crimes. You taking away guns doesn't solve the underline problem, and I'm not willing to lose a 226 year old constitutional right because you're too inept or lazy to tackle an underlining issue, for the same reason I wouldn't put a bandaid on a compound fracture.

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