Thirteen Oregon schools have Nonmedical Vaccination Exemption Rates of 50 percent or greater

You're new to the medical field, so you probably don't understand quite how large the amount of vaccinations has grown. To a kid in the 70s, 80s, you got your DPT, MMR, usually each in 3 installments, and maybe a few others here and there. With a Tet booster every 10 years, not 5, not 3, not whenever the nurse was too lazy to reformulate a combo shot.

Situations have changed, and technology has improved to the point where you need to add back in polio, and can offer vaccination for Chickenpox, Pneumonia, Hep A&B, then HPV later in life.

A few on there where I don't know what they hell they are like Rotavirus, which is some form of lethal shits infants get, usually in the 3rd world. So we have to worry about it here now, along with Hep A, because we've opened the floodgates of immigration. And meningitis? lol! Maybe 1 in 2500 die of that, usually in crowded conditions, and then, no problem, they're dead, out of the gene pool. Keep them alive, they breed, no natural selection, and 30 generations from now, the human race no longer has resistance to it.

And some hospitals get happy with new vaccines and just about accuse parents of being nazis if they don't get their kid shot up with something that cleared FDA testing like yesterday, and that they can bill the insurance company for at about $700 a pop.

Flu shots twice a year? Yeah, maybe if you're 60+, or have a shot immune system.

Antibiotics for every sniffle? You'll be on kidney dialysis before you know it. :D

So, this being america, people go to extremes. If you go into the doctor and ask for a 1970s style vaccination schedule+ pneumonia, and throw in chicken pox at 5-6, some shrill hag of a nurse is going to threaten to call DHS for being a bad parent, will openly berate you, and do just about everything that can be considered "provocative speech" in a justifiable homicide case.

And of course, said parents will never again go near such a place. They'll get a quack to write them a note, of if they get lucky, find a doctor who isn't trying to upsell them like a used car salesman, one who doesn't have a cop caller nurse, or a pissy receptionist that smokes too much dope.

Hospitals and doctors offices have become hellpits of socialism, the 1984 Orwell type socialism. You wanna see some shit? Watch the parents of a newborn get bitched out because their car safety seat is 1 year old, and supposedly not up to snuff. And then wonder why people avoid the hospital like the plague.

You can't get fired for being a complete asshole to people in hospitals anymore, the insurance companies write the checks, so nobody is accountable to the customers. So, more and more people drop out of the system. If they get hurt, they'll hit up a ReadyCare type place, or if they get too messed up, the ER. Failing that, veterinary antibiotics, and whoever can sew pretty good.(which is usually what happens when you live 30 miles from the closest hick town)

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