TIL Britain ended Capital Punishment after the unjust execution of Timothy Evans, for the murders of his wife and daughter. He'd accused his neighbour John Christie of the crime. Years later, Christie was discovered to be a serial killer who had killed 6 other woman and Evans's wife and daughter.

If you're against the death penalty then you think terrorists like Dylan Roof and James Fields deserve breath and you're scum for that simple as.

Our problems with false convictions go entirely beyond the death penalty. The 99% of people getting false convictions and just serving jail time are more important than the .01% of false convictions that end in a execution

And PLEASE be quiet with the "it costs more to kill someone argument". A) I don't give a shit and it PROBABLY DOESN'T when you factor into long term medical care for an aging lifer and B) It doesn't have to be as costly if we stop putting them in nice cells and feeding them during the appeals

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