TIL when speaking about Prince, Sinead O'Connor said "He summoned me to his house and said he didn't like me saying bad words in interviews so I told him to fuck off." Sinead alleged the row became physical and she escaped his house at 5am claiming afterwards that "he packed a bigger punch than me"

The Magdalene Asylums had been around for more than 2 centuries and while they were most prominent and held out the longest in Ireland they were once upon a time to be found everywhere where the catholic church held sway. They were neither short period nor local.

I am aware of that.

I am also aware that Catholic doctrine and tradition and hierarchy is about 2000 years old, and sees itself as continuous with an even longer period.

There are arguments about how pervasive the pedophilia thing is but while the frequency can be argued at this point it can not be argued that it was limited in either geography or time.

Nothing is new. Peter Damien wrote a book about the abuses possible, called the Book of Gomorrah, which is against all sorts of sexual abuses committed by priests (in particular) ranging from masturbation, violation of celibacy, pedophilia, and pederasts.

It is condemned then and now. The issue is probably related to the fact that the people find it hard to accept that people following the same vocations would do such things.

Priests are usually celibate (it is possible for married men to become priests, but in the Latin Church, this is very rare) and held to a very strict law. The fact that some may abuse their authority in such ways would probably be very difficult for them to accept, at least, as anything more than an aberration.

Meanwhile, false accusations (such as the speculation leading to accusations against the Church involving those Asylums, false accusations of abuse, etc) abound in the face of the actual abuse.

However often it happened, it happened everywhere and for quite some time.

Certainly. Failures to uphold the teachings and vows are always going to be a problem. But, once it becomes an occasion of anti-Catholic rhetoric, rather than an actual attempt to fix a problem or pursuing justice, it loses any benefit it may have had.

Catholics have provided education, health care, and temporal assistance to the needy for the entire history of the Church. Sometimes, those efforts were not very good, sometimes they were better than anything available.

To cherry pick the worst, or failures, among all those acts, is slanderous.

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