Today I saw a homeless man while walking to popeyes during my lunch break. He was laying on the concrete in 90 degree heat.

Force!? Lmfaoooo. He really just said to force him into treatment. When was a time someone forced you to do anything? How did you take to that? We’re you open minded or did it feel like you were going to fight tooth and nail or at least didn’t understand why it was good for you to be forced to do such a thing. Again, he’s still a human, not an animal. You can’t cage them and force them to do anything they don’t want. That being said, he probably doesn’t believe he deserves anything good just as strongly as you don’t. That breaks my heart, and it doesn’t so much as stir yours? Talk about insanity. I will never give cash even to a clean addict, but I will absolutely give my time, advice, kindness and time, because he has to believe he is worthy before he will take that step into getting help. And when that day comes, it will have to be him who makes the decision, not you or anyone else forcing him. Everyone’s rock bottom looks different and may be on a lower or higher level than someone else’s, I just pray he reaches his before he dies. I know I would mourn him; I already mourn someone like you, but he’s not dead yet, he still has hope.

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