Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Official - Operator Gameplay Trailer

I've been playing CS on and off (casually) since 1999 or so, when it was in early beta. I played in a clan during university, played CS: Source for a bit and have put a few dozen hours into CS:GO. My rank is probably the lowest one, though I've technically been playing CS before many of my teammates were born. 

I haven't seen much communication or teamwork at all beyond "go long A" or "3 A, 3 B" at the beginning of the round. Many people I play with don't even speak the same language as each other. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is a lot more communication and teamwork as the ranks get higher. 

Anyway, I think we're not seeing eye to eye on the definition of "tactical shooter". I'm thinking of it more in terms of genre. For me, CS:GO and CS historically has always been a competitive e-sport with cartoony aesthetics, off the wall movement/shooting mechanics and high levels of tactical gameplay with perfect balancing and short rounds that take place in small, static maps where strategies are made on the fly and reflexes, accuracy and "twitch" skills are one's most important individual asset. 

"Tactical shooters" on the other hand are usually more assymetrical and open ended with a wider variety of variables to consider like situational awareness, stamina, picking up on environmental cues, communicating effectively and often, high level (long and short term) strategy, etc. It's a genre. By your standards, you could argue that Super Smash Bros. or Unreal Tournament were "tactical" too whereas no one in their right mind would put either game into that genre. 

"Tactical shooters" as a genre of game place more emphasis on cooperation than competition and most of the tactical shooters I play are open ended without clear winners and losers after rounds end (especially Arma). When people complain that there hasn't been decent "tactical shooters" in a decade or more this is what they're talking about, not games with high level tactics in them, but games that are actually part of the tactical shooter genre with all that that implies. 

For me, the main thing is pacing. CS is too fast and too off the wall. I want to crawl around and pick someone off from 200 metres away or something, not get a 360 no scope headshot while running around in a corridor. The former is way more satisfying and entertaining for me and for a niche of other people. I think people who prefer these types of games value immersion over pure competition. 

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