Trainwrecks and PayMoneyWubby are being disingenuous with their complaints about Twitch’s “Double Standards aka SquadW” and they ignore key facts about bans just to push the narrative of “Twitch is giving streamers favoritism because they’re women aka SquadW”.

No. Fuck wubby. Seriously fuck that guy. Him and his fanbase in being so incessantly disingenuous. Stop throwing this one moment at everyone’s face like that’s all he was mad about.

This guy after being unbanned threw the biggest temper tantrum I’ve ever seen. He got mad at “milking titties” on twitch. He got mad at poki not getting an immediate ban when we know pretty well that deleting vods and clips save you from it. Male streamers have also avoided bans like that, even destiny has. He got mad at other streamers that didn’t want to be in his video and did the twitch version of sub-tweeting to them. This guy is so entitled and literally writing script from lsf comment section. Just mad about communication btw.

He’s being pretty weaselly when he went on n on about unfair bans on his stream. Insinuating his ban was also unfair, saying they pulled a trigger on me too fast (and not poki) and staff went on with their weekend. Why does he expect twitch to not pull a trigger faster on privacy violations? Those things are pretty serious and not something to fuck around with. Then he expects the staff team to sit down do overtime for him to examine his fuck up and unban him before Monday.

If he only truly cared about communication then why not just talk about communication, why bitch and moan about all the other stuff and mislead people with squadW stuff. And even communication shit is not something valid to complain about. 2 days literally went to the weekend. Other 3? Twitch doesn’t have only wubby to worry about. They probably had some other work as well. And for each case you have check for context, comb through hours of content to see people involved are ok with it. Every case is probably takes them hours to genuinely check so they don’t wrongly unban someone. 3 days for that is not much imo.

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