Two men have been arrested over the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov

I'll start by saying that I'm writing this with reduced expectations of you based on the broad assumptions you've already made. Right off the bat, you're down a few pegs in credibility based on what you've said.

Regarding my background, I'm from the US, and old enough to know that there is far more going on here than meets the eye. I'm not naive, however much you'd love to lump huge groups of people into your neat little narrative of self congratulating superiority. You inferring ignorance of others and suggesting you know what others think with zero information is an amazing mental disconnect of mental gymnastics.

i am disgusted at our media right now.

Me too, and have been for my adult life. I don't have cable TV and haven't for 15 years. I have no idea where you concluded that I like or buy into "western" media. I read as many sources as I can reasonably, daily or weekly. I specifically try to go outside the echo chamber here, although I do include some US sources for obvious reasons. My daily/weekly reading consists of:

CNBC MSNBC BBC Reuters Sky Fox (if for nothing other than entertainment) RT TASS Al Jazeera Interfax Sputnik Moscow Times

Enough background on me and my media consumption?

I mean were the fuck does that number of 200 dead so called dead journalist come from and did their death even had something to do with the Russian government?

Are you asking because you don't know, or because you dispute the number?

The number is well over 300, I used 200 accounting for war correspondent deaths, other accidents, those killed outside Russia, questionable entries, etc.

Can you vouch for it being so or can there be many reasons and the number is just a number?

I dont understand the question. Are all these solved? Of course not. Neither is 99% of the conspiracy theories I'm sure you align with. There's precedent, and a lot of it. Thats how many people, including you based on your comments and history, come to conclusions. I could ask you for the same, much of what you say has not been "solved" (hard proof), yet you believe it based on pieces of information and precedent.

His death is not even close to be solved and you pin it on whom? Putin? Really?

Where did I pin it on anyone? What looks really likely? Russian involvement. Who do you think would do this to someone that Putin himself said "thats what happens to traitors"? If not government involvement, it says a few things about Russia, and none of those are any better for the narrative, but I'm still open to them.

These may be:

Russia is totally lawless and its common for hundreds of journalists and critics to die in odd ways. Many, if any, are ever really solved. Either through incompetence, corruption, or direct involvement, it reflects very poorly on the Russian government. What you are saying seems to be that if as long as something is never solved (which would be difficult for most of these as they are in Russia, and there doesn't appear to be any desire to solve them), that we shouldn't allow precedent to draw some basic conclusions. So if another 100 Kremlin critics disappeared, you'd still have no opinion, correct?

These are really interesting times we live in and in my opinion the truth died when the US-American Empire (Yes empire because the are one and i know many people don't like the if someone names it like this.) went into a mode where everything that would even remotely threatens them should be answered by direct or indirect war, that is why there is no truth right now.

Choose an empire, there has always been and will always be one. Which one would you prefer?

The US has largely been beneficial to those aligned with it, the alternative choices may not be so good. As a German, you have a good example at home. How did East Germany stack up against West Germany for the 2nd half of the 20th century? Its a possible parallel between Russian empire and American empire. While I am highly critical of the US in many ways, its impact and influence on standards of living amongst allies isn't one of them. If you feel there is a future with no empire, we'll disagree. Its human nature, and I don't see it changing much in the future.

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