Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama

People won't move on. People will want to know the truth. Some half-assed excuse "I don't tell you guys because ur immature" won't cut it. And calling Adam a liar. He doesn't say because he's ashamed and regretful about what happened. And he knows if he says people will LOSE RESPECT. Reddit likes this guy. I like him. You like him. You think people won't understand "Grandma died" or "Father sick" No he has to keep quiet and deny everything because he will lose the trust and respect of the fans. So you stfu with "new Chances" "Move on" Mate I hope he gets to world next year or the year after that because if he doesn't and he blew his one chance because of "Wife debuff" HE WILL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE Ok friend ? You don't get these chances EVER AGAIN. The fans DESERVE to know what happened.

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