Violent hate crimes in US reach highest levels in 16 years, FBI reports

That just gives them permission to do heinous shit whether you admit it, or not.

Has anything really happened yet?

The point of the argument is that white people are trying to equate "white guys can't jump" with decades of systematic racism, with slavery, with lynching, etc.

You don't get leered at in the store for your skin color, you don't get people thinking you're stupid because of your race, nobody calling you the n word, not getting rejected from a job because you have an ethnic name, nobody requesting a new server at a restaurant because they won't be served by women or by hispanics, you're not the villain in every old book or movie, you don't get beat up for your skin color, and many many many more things to add to that list.

Are there idiots that actually think that you can't be racist towards whites? Sure. Are they a minority? Absolutely. And more important than anything else, has the social justice movement enabled us to talk about and start fixing issues that have plagued us for centuries? Absolutely.

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