Watching a 2014 Cowboys game I noticed that they played a sound clip of a truck backing up when the opposing team was called for a holding penalty. What are some other equally subtle hilarious sound clips other teams play on the PA system when the opposing team commits a penalty?

I'm so fucking pissed off right now. We're motherfucking NFL fans: nothing gets in our fucking way. We wait six fucking months to finally watch a fucking game and this shit happens. What a slap in the goddamn face. The audacity of these motherfuckers to not plan the fucking field in advance is beyond my fucking comprehension. How could you be this dumb?

While Roger Goodell did not personally cause this incident, the fingerprints of his malicious ideology are all over this: it represents all that is vile and foul of the culture that he has instilled into the game. Why would he not oversee the preparations? It's his fucking responsibility to take care of this shit. He is the commissioner of the National Football League: not the World Football League, the National Football League. We're a fucking nation connected by football. It's our way of life. It provides entertainment and competition to the masses. It's like the honorable Roman Coliseum. This entire incident is like Roger Goodell went to the toilet and took a fucking massive monster dump on everything that we care about, while he jerked off the thought of our suffering.

You don't just do this to people like us. We deserve better. We pay these motherfucker's bills. We pour our heart and souls into these teams, and what do we get in return? A huge fucking watery Roger Goodell diarrhea shit into our mouths. Football is life. You don't fuck with our way of life.

Do you know what I do every single fucking time I hear our Nation's anthem before games begin? I shed a fucking tear. It makes me fucking cry, and it makes me proud to be alive in this Nation. Football is the thing that keeps me going. I broke my own fucking hand slamming it into a wall after my Cowboys lost to those bitch-ass Eagles last year, but all that does is show my motherfucking passion for the game. What does Roger Goodell have to show for it? Where's his passion?

He's not fucking genuine. He's a fucking puppet for the corporate elite. They think that they can come in and take over our game? They better think again. They'll never take away our second-amendment rights, and if they do, a new fucking revolution will begin. The only problem is that there's so many fucking sheep in our country that they'll just let week "men" like Roger Goodell get away with what he does.

How does anybody believe that cheesy smile? It's sadistically cruel to anyone that really looks at it. He's fucking taunting us. He knows things that we don't. It's so goddamn clear that he's a fucking puppet. The NFL has such a big market in the Blessed US that anyone who could have power over it would have power over all of the masses. The first part of this is control: by delaying things like this Hall of Fame game, they've proven that they can control our emotions. They only care about how they can control us. I truly do not know what the next step is, but we must be ready. We have to stand together. We won't be bullied by the elite. We won't let our way of life be tarnished. All we fucking want is to be able to root for our team on Sunday and not get fucking brainwashed by the media. But with people like Roger Goodell in charge, it will only get worse.

Will you stand with me? We will not be bullied. We will not be controlled. This was only the first step. I fear for what is next, but if we stand together with our God-given Constitutional Rights, we will be safe.

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