Were people generally worried that the world was gonna end and we'd all die when Corona had just started?

Well I actually kinda hate ket, am an LSD fiend. But I hated that my family members (my bff, her bf/my friend, my boyfriend/her bf's brother and me) were arguing and it freaked me the fuck out. I got so angry with my bf and his brother for having conspiracy theories and wanting to ignore quarantine and it freaked me out that nobody seemed to wanna stay home, take a deep breath and WAIT WAIT WAIT to see what was actually gonna happen. Instead they just fought and I didnt know my boyfriend and his bro would immeditately wanna defy the quarantine measures. It was too much to handle so I locked myself up in my niece's room (she was with her bio dad for the weekend), with ket I was supposed to dispense and only talked to my best friend once in a while lol. It was fucking weird but I came out okay

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