What actions can I take against my ex for my safety?

Maybe get a camera on your house.

I don't know if your story is true, I love my wife and miss her but I caught her cheating on me. She is trying every lie and low blow she can to make me look like a bad guy. Maybe you are doing the same.

If you're being honest, just keep a log of everything and time will heal everything.

If you're lying, it's not very nice.

I've been getting lied to for so long that I don't understand how the woman I dreamed of growing old with has the ability to treat me like trash. I am cherishing all the great times we had together. She was such a great person. I wanted the kids to grow up so we could focus on us and travel the world.

But now I have no choice but to divorce. It makes me so sad. Learning how deep the lies went with this person I was trying my best to please is just killing me.

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