What was the best "worth it" detention in school?

I'm late to the party, but my Dad's stories are the best so I have to share.

My Dad is fairly old, he was in school when beating kids was still a thing and you had to write using little ink pots that were installed into the tables. He giggles like a kid whenever he tells these stories, so I figure that counts as "worth it".

1) He lifted all of the pots of ink out of their table-holes, put springs under each pot, and then slid the wood they use to close the ink wells back over it. He did his own one too to try and look less suspicious, but when ink went flying all over everyone and he was the only one laughing, he definitely got the belt. 2) He had a science teacher who would run down the hall then slide really quick over the waxed floors and into the classroom, to catch any kids misbehaving whilst waiting for him. The doors swung back and forth so he'd literally slide straight into it and push it open with his hand. Dad locked the door one day. The teacher's arm shot through the pane of glass on the door. 3) Eventually, through his shenanigans, Dad got sent to a school made for misbehaving children. The kind of school where the playground was on the roof, and everyone had to wear their pajamas so that they wouldn't try to run away. Dad hung his dick out his pants constantly, scared the living daylights out of the nurse. They gave him back his clothes to make him stop, and he attempted an escape that day.

And his favourite one: 4) Dad broke his arm and had it put into a cast. This little kid was getting picked on by a bully, so Dad smashed his cast over the bully's head. The kid followed him everywhere after that, and the bully never touched the kid again.

My Dad did some hilarious things in his life, I've never met anyone with stories as good as his.

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