What circlejerks are going on in this sub?

So I wrote my first reply below before I saw your edit. This is a reply to your edit.

EDIT in response to your edit: I don't understand why you think you can literally parade around a thread, counting my words and throwing the number at me to prove a point and still be considered "nice," while I can write a few paragraphs about my own experiences as honestly as i can in response I questions I'm being asked and be a big fat bully. That's exactly what I'm talking about. You're picking on me to prove a point right now. But it doesn't even matter because I'm just going to be the big mean lesbian no matter what I say.

I'm not "literally parading" around a thread, I was responding to your initial claim that I focused on "a single sentence." Contrary to what you claimed, no I did not just respond to the first thing you said. (Was the point of my checking the numbers.) Rather I read your several replies on the matter before I initially responded. Now you seem to claim that my pointing out that your first characterization --that I'm some incensed hothead who angrily spouts off the moment he sees a lesbian daring to write something-- was inaccurate is somehow offensive to you.

Does every person who disagrees with you have to be some unreasonable gay-basher singling you out because you're a lesbian? And no one in this thread --not me, not anyone else that you've replied to-- has called you a big fat mean lesbian bully, nor even implied it. You're the only one who has said that, and you've said it repeatedly.

People discussing a topic that doesn't interest you is not oppression. Straight people talking about straight relationships is not oppression. People stating that they find topic-derailing comments to be unconstructive is not some oppressive majority singling you out for mockery. People neglecting to explicitly recognize the existence of your sexuality and everyone else who shares it in most discussions is not persecution.

You are manufacturing your own oppression here, and it is negatively affecting your perception. You seem to be reading in imaginary sexuality bigotry between every line that isn't an explicit approval of or shout-out to lesbians. That paranoid mindset is just going to continue to make you feel even more isolated, because you'll see hatred in everything. It is also going to detract from the efficacy of calling out instances of actual bigotry and oppression.

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