What is the most emotionally painful thing a woman did to you?

I was seeing this girl who apparently had a fiancé. I had no idea. We screwed around for a little bit and I wanted to get serious. I was in love with her, at least I thought I was. I ended up getting my own apartment which I was really excited about. I moved in super quick and unpacked everything in a day and wanted to set up a special date night at my new apartment. She accepted the date so I was very happy about this and made dinner and got flowers and went overboard to wine and dine her. She stood me up and left me in my apartment for hours with no phone call or anything. She finally called and admitted to me she had a fiancé. She still wanted to continue our relationship and said she could come over the next day. Needless to say I was devastated, I had no idea she was in a relationship as she hid it well. I was just the other guy.

I was sick to my stomach for numerous reasons. I stopped talking to her even after her many advances to continue her affair. She told me people have different uses to her. She even told me what she used me for and what she used him for. She apparently also had a female lover too. She explained her reasoning like it wasn't a big deal and that it is normal to just use people for certain things since one person can't provide everything. She was so callous about everything. She ended up getting married and divorced years later. I am now happily married to a wonderful woman and have 2 children, but that really stung she was quite evil.

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