What's a weight loss scam so normalised people don't realise it's a scam anymore? I'll go first...

I wouldn’t call it a scam but definitely is expensive, a couple years ago I joined to weight loss programs one known as Jenny Craig’s and the other being Lindora. Don’t get me wrong, Lindora is definitely helpful but not everyone can afford it around two years ago I stopped going because the cost of the program was insane. Of course after no longer attending, I gained all of the weight back plus some more but I managed to lose the extra weight on my own but to the point of over exercising. Now, I’m trying to get back on track but of course with lack of structure and a non calorie deficit makes it difficult.

Although, I believe that weight loss programs are the biggest scams in the weight loss industry because they’re restrictive dieting plans. I think another scam would be slimfast but it’s great for meal replacements

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