What's worse?

What’s your opinion on how to deal with punishment in general then? Haven’t you laid out reasons why people shouldn’t be punished with your prior comments essentially? If it’s all pre-determined/always would happen this way, then it sounds kind of cruel to punish people who have theoretically no agency because they aren’t making a choice.

I do think environment and other factors come into play to lead you down a road, of course. I however don’t feel when I make choices that the other option is entirely ruled out.

Say when I drive past a shop and I’m hungry, I could stop or drive past and sometimes I’ll stop, but other times I’ll drive past and sometimes do them completely contradictory to what I feel sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I should really just stop and eat but say no to it anyway despite feeling a real pull to do it. I can’t help but feel that if those situations played out in different universes they must happen in a different variation like any other probability.

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