what's your favourite bit of aussie history?

My fav happened in my hometown a long time ago.

Black coal was being mined extensively and with that came a lot of strikes. One bloke who was a top worker and not a miner, went out in sympathy for the miners one time. When the strike was over he came back and the mine boss sacked him for not turning up to work. The miners knowing he was supporting them threatened to go out on strike again if the mine boss sacked him.

So the mine boss gave him the shittest job he could imagine involving delivering coal to the town (about 2 KM's away) using nothing but a wheelbarrow. He had to push a barrow full of coal to town and drop it off to customers, then bring it back filled with hay for the pit ponies.

The road into town was a muddy, gravel road. The wheelbarrow was a big wooden thing with a metal wheel.

This man, known to all as Stag, gritted his teeth and went about it. In an act of total defiance, the man pushed barrow after barrow into town filled with coal. The towns people started meeting him on the streets with food, waters, and even the odd glass of beer to support him. they cheered the man and he became a hero to them. Stag even made the national newspapers of the time due to his courage to such a hard job set by a cruel boss.

In the end, the local police sergeant ordered it be stopped due to the public disturbance it was causing. The mine manager caved and Stag was allowed to use the truck to deliver coal from then on.

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