When did you realize you had stuck your dick in crazy?

Well I've never told this entire story to anyone entirely pieced together, but there's a first time for everything.

I was in high school, star wrestler, straight A student and just getting out of my awkward stages. I had finally managed to get the attention of my high school crush and, after a few weeks of talking/flirting, made her mine. A week later I was diagnosed with lymphoma.

I'm healthy now, so no worries about that, but I still really have lasting nightmares of this woman. Against my better judgement, I continued dating this girl throughout my treatment. She went insane; not from worry, not from grief, but from jealousy and lack of attention. Being that I was a cancer patient, I was stuck in the hospital and at home a lot with no outside world contact. Rather than being supportive and loving, she began to threaten me. On a day where I could see her: "Do me without a condom on or we're done" (I had low blood counts and could have contracted some sort of infection with ease). Or, "stay on the phone with me while I cut myself, otherwise when you hang up I'll make it worse." "Run to my house right now or I'll kill myself" (I was too young to drive at the time). On top of dealing with cancer, I had this heartless bitch to deal with.

Now, I was head over heels for this girl and on a lot of drugs. I couldn't see her doing any wrong in my head and for a while was at her beck and call. But, through some forceful advice from some quality friends, in combination with the fact that my body and mind were worn down by treatment and her constant craziness, I finally opened my eyes.

After trying to dump her and failing due to her threatening her own life, I consulted the parentals, verbally. I didn't tell them 90% of what was going on because of fear, but they inferred a lot. MY MOM DUMPED THIS BITCH FOR ME WHILE I WAS ASLEEP WITHOUT ME EVEN KNOWING. She read through my recent texts which happened to well encapsulate my relationship with the girl. I didn't even care about the invasion of privacy, really only about the girl's health at this point. I talked to her family later to make sure they watched her and talked to her and such.

So I finish my treatment, go back to school for my senior year and end up killing it. Get into my dream college, captain my wrestling team and win districts, win a ton of awards and scholarships cuz cancer sucks but surviving it is cool. Still, there's some strange rumors going around about me and this girl. People are asking me if I still cut myself and such. IM LIKE LOL WUT?

Apparently this girl had told our story (which I had kept to myself and my closest friends) but a very fudged version where I'm the one threatening my own health and life frequently to keep her with me, and in which she dumps me. Thankfully, I am a man of character and no one believed this girl. In fact, her lies ended up alienating her quite a bit from our senior class.

She ended up fb messaging me when she realized her maniacal plans were backfiring. At first it seemed like she genuinely cared how I was doing (She never checked in on me during my treatment post break-up. We had known each other for years and dated for 9 months or something around there). She then told just out of the blue told me that she never was cutting herself and never planned on killing herself. Rather, it was all a rouse to get attention from me... even though she was already my girlfriend and all that I clung to for sanity in a time of insanity. I ended the conversation there and never spoke to her again.

In a way I thank her though. Worrying about her and putting so much energy into a relationship during treatment definitely was hard, but it kept my mind off me being sick and kept it occupied during a time when I was doing a lot of sitting around with eyes too light-sensitive to play video games. I'm not saying that it still didn't suck, but it sucked less then being lost in thought about the fact that I was fighting for my life.

So yeah it took me a while to realize I was balls deep in crazy, but eventually I did and learned some valuable life stuffs I guess.

TLDR: Got really sick and had my mom break up with a girl who belonged in a straight jacket

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