At wits end. 12 years old and porn

To each their own!

I did not once tell her to yell or blame her daughter, and I did say she needs a good talk with her daughter to tell her about how unrealistic and the dangers of porn and social media.

I know 3 girls in my extended family who started using social media around 11/12. ALL of them have some sort of mental illness now and are struggling big time (anxiety, depression) and really messed up self esteem and body image issues. So I think they are related? It has to be. One has been on a diet since she was 14. These are not things a young girl should be concerned about. If I’m drastic then so be it, I believe a parent should do whatever it takes to protect their children - at 12 she is still a child! My friends and I are in our 30s and even we feel depressed sometimes looking at social media, I cant begin to imagine it at 12. And sure she could be curious about sex but porn is not the way to go. You can research what kind of things that filth does to your brain. No one at any age should be watching it.

I responded not only to the porn but OP said her daughter is lying, sneaking around, watching porn, not showing emotion, getting into online fights with death threats... this girl is 12! Have you seen that viral video where a mom pretends to be 11 years old and goes on the Internet? Who knows what else she has been exposed to and who knows WHO she is being exposed to. I’m of the belief something is going on and this girl needs her mom. So if it’s possible the mom should be at home. Kids needs their mothers, esp at this time as she grows into a teen and an adult.

Again to each their own, I dont think I’m being dramatic at all. This is a serious issue imo.

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