[WP] A new pill comes out that completely changes a person's personality to the very core when they take it -- but they don't know what personality they're going to get, and if they take it more than 3 times, they die.

I stared at the almost-transparent crystal square in my palm. It was supposed to look like a diamond. That's how they marketed it too. Of course they wanted to up the glamour quotient. How else would they rake in money from rich brats who were never happy with whatever they inherited?

Me? I couldn't help it. Sure, my father was also a part of the council members who gave the pill a go-ahead. But he had warned me explicitly not to take it. How would he understand though? It was easy for him. He had a charismatic smile and just the right jawline to be trusted by everyone who wanted their investments safe. I, on the other hand, was tall and too skinny. It gave me a hunchback, which coupled with my droopy lips made me look very 'emo'. And so it was. I was always perceived as a stand-off rich kid who did not really have any interests except making it through the day. Somedays, that was very accurate.

I got the Diamond using my friend's Citizen Unique Code. I couldn't risk them finding out. And my friend said he didn't want to change. Ever. Lucky bastard. I was going to do this. The instructions says I will feel drowsy and should not consume alcohol for a few days. Here goes nothing.

It had been a dreadful weekend. But I have never felt better!! I FEEL SO GOOD!! Oh my God! I am trying so very hard for Daddy to not notice me! It seems to be working!! He is anyway too busy with his Weekend Wendy to care a flying fuck about me! And he can go fuck himself! I have never felt so ecstatic in my entire life! I feel like my eyes are open more. Or maybe the sun is shining just right these days. Or the colours are brighter somehow! Stacy is a bitch and can suck it because she is just pissed I used her CUC to buy it and I am the one who is grabbing all the attention instead of her!! She is having such a hard time dealing with the real me. Attention-whore! Anyway, I think I won't be able to keep this a secret for too long from Daddy. Only so long till he sees me in all these new clothes and figures I did not get a whole new wardrobe on a whim. Actually I will tell him myself. Haha! I can imagine the look on his face when I drop this bomb!!

Okay. A lot has happened since we last spoke. Let me pick up where I left off. I was going to tell Daddy that I took a Diamond. I went to his study after I saw his Volvo parked from my balcony around dinner time. His back was facing me and I could not make out what he was doing at his desk. My old self would have left him alone I'm sure. But this was the real me, so I knocked and went upto the desk. He had not heard the knock at all!! He was lost in his own thoughts and hardly even noticed what I was wearing!! It was not going as planned! Anyway, would you ever believe what he had? Yes!! A Diamond!! I couldn't believe it!!! So apparently, Whorehouse Wendy has dumped Daddy because he was 'too boring'. Was she blind before? Did she not know what an Investment Banker does ?! I bet she's hooking up with Gay Gerbert because he is going to get a fat commission from the Ministry next week. I can't believe Daddy was about to take a Diamond for that skank!! Thankfully, I took it off and him and let him go old school with drinking too much Whiskey. So nothing went as planned!! He hadn't even realised how amazing I actually am!! How could he not !!.... But now that I know he knows nothing yet..... I did end up having a blissful fun time... I was just dying to try this again... What if I am able to reveal my true self even more!!! Oohhhh that would be fun! Stacy will never even know! This could be my little secret !!! Daddy is probably too drunk to remember this anyway !! Ahhh this is exciting !!! Here goes nothing !!!!!!!

Shit. I have a massive headache. This had definitely not happened the last time. I will just stay in bed for a few. This should come around.

Few days later

I can't believe this. I should have expected this though. I'm never going to fix what isn't broken ever again. This is turning out to be a terrible Christmas. I do deserve it though, don't I? Dad proposed to Wanda a few days after their "break-up". That vixen really knows how to get what she wants. Making Dad believe she is the best thing that has happened to him. If he believes her, he probably deserves her. But what am I to do with this pain. No medicines work. I tried looking up on the Internet but this isn't a listed side-effect. Well at least not for 5 days. I can hardly go to a Medicine-man and tell him I illegally took a Diamond. Dad might go to jail. This leaves me with only one option. Diamonds cut Diamonds, don't they? How apt. This 3rd Diamond I actually took from Stacy's brother. He has always had a crush on me. With a giant headache as this one it wasn't too difficult to cry a few tears and get him to "cure" me with a Personality Transplant. Here goes nothing.

I feel surprisingly normal. This seems ok. I mean sure I still have a dull headache but nothing like before. And with all the wedding preparations in the house, it is easy to find something to keep working on. January always flies by so fast! It should have more days simply so people get more time to leave this holiday fever behind. But alas! A Feb 14 wedding is looming over head and I can hardly sit tight without someone to look after the house renovations as well. Poor Wendy can't handle it all alone. Seeing her around the house has gone a lot more smoother than I thought it would be. And she is easy on the eyes. I can see what people like about her. She does have the body of a smashing MILF. Can't help it. She has to fit in this family potrait. Of course it helps that I have done nothing but gain a good few pounds in some right places over this month. I feel happy too. I guess everything works out ok in the end. I have apologised to Stacy and we have become inseparable again. In fact, I can't seem to go through a single day without getting a few texts from her. And then I stay over the nights at hers because they are renovating all bedrooms at once to maintain the right "thought process". Whatever. I could live with Stacy forever! What I mean is I love her. I mean she is everything to me. I mean she has always been there for me. Even through my crazy first Diamond phase. I have come clean about taking a second Diamond. And she only laughed when I told her about my 'crying' bit with her brother for the third Diamond. I am glad she found it funny! I wouldn't want her to think i like her brother! That would be the furthest from the truth. I can't wait to show her my dress today. For the Rehearsal dinner next week. It is a slant cut with the perfect amount of cleavage to entice but not mislead. I have not yet picked out who to be my date. But that will hardly matter for the ceremony. I am going to be the Maid-of-honour. And there will be Uncle Jerry as the Best Man. I will have to ask Stacy to not bother bringing a date. We could go solo, with each other.

15 Feb

What have I done? I have ruined everything. I couldn't see it coming! I loved Stace so much and I did not see it coming! It is all such a mess! I wish I had Dad or Wanda here! Them and their Aruba honeymoon! I can hardly ask them to cancel their honeymoon because I am having a hormonal crisis ! I think I was too drunk. Why else would I try to kiss Stace! Especially when I know that Homosexuality (shudder) is illegal! I can not bear this. I can't lose my best friend and get disowned in one fell swoop. I should be honest to myself. I am a homosexual (shaking). I am a homosexual. I am a homosexual. Good. I think I can breathe now.

Cashier: Ma'am I am going to need your CUC card for this purchase. Will you be paying cash? Lisa: Um yea. I will pay cash. And I have my CUC right here. One moment. Cashiet: Thank you for verifying your identity with us. One minute please.... Oh you are a first-time user! We hardly get anyone is their 20's anymore. So here is a list of things you should......

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