[WP] "There are many things that I can't afford, but love is not one of them."

He was unfortunate, born in a family of poverty. Everything that I had been taught remained at the back of my mind as I broke the rules of what my mother had set out for me. My life was on track until I saw him at the fall dance in the background. He was unearthly, and I was instantly intrigued by his uniqueness. He did not have expensive clothes or perfect hair, but his eyes penetrated me and I felt heat rise across my face as I stared too long, but I couldn’t help it. I had never seen a man with so many layers that radiated across his face as if he had a fast knowledge of the world. He held himself with such eloquence and confidence, that if it were not for his outdated clothes you would think he was wealthy. I remained in the distance trying to avoid his presence whiling fight the urge to engage him. I went out on the balcony to breath and distance myself from the chatter that surrounded me. The air was cold, but the night was beautiful. The moon was full, and the clouds caressed its curves making a masterful vision. I felt a warm hand grasp my arm, and I flipped around in shock breaking away from the enchantment of the night and engaging into another. It was him. “I apologize; I did not mean to startle you.” “You’re fine.” I whispered as I tried to breath. He was close now, and even more handsome. “Saw you from across the room and I believe we have not met, my name is Roman.” He bowed and I returned the greeting, “and I am Laura.” His eyes bore through me as we stared at each other for a moment of silence. “Would you like to go for a walk with me Laura?” His voice seeped into me, putting me into hypnosis. I tried to fight it, I knew mother would not like this, but I couldn’t resist him. I weakly nodded, and he grasped my hand pulling my down the stairs toward the lake. I followed him without control of myself. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I lost all care. We came to a place behind the trees next to the lit up lake and he flipped me around pinning me to the bark of a tree. His body pressed into me, and my heart began to ache from the intensity of it. “Laura,” He whispered. “Let me have you.” “But I cannot. You could not afford me.” I regretted saying it, but it was the truth. “There are many things I can’t afford, but love is not one of them.” I had no response but the sound of my staggered breath. Desired flooded my body as he pressed himself against me harder while running his lips against my neck, stopping right before my own. He waited, waited for me to give in. To give permission for this scandal to happen that would ruin me. I wanted to fight it, I wanted to run way, but I broke. I smashed my lips against his and my body became fire. Every kiss, every touch burned through my skin molding me into him even further. I ran my hands through his long black hair while he caressed every curve of my body. He went to unlace the back of my dress when there was noise from a distance of people approaching. I pushed him back and ran to peak around the trees to see the source. It was Mother approaching with that horrid Ms. Barker. Panicking, I turned around to tell Roman to hide but he was gone. I walked around the area whispering his name, but he was nowhere in sight. “LAURA!” It was mother. “What are you doing out here in the cold, we have been looking everywhere for you.” “Sorry mother, I just wanted to see the lake,” I lied. “You’re too curious my dear, time to go in. I have a young man I would like you to meet.” My heart stung as she reminded me of Roman. I looked back as we walked to the house but saw nothing. He had vanished. When we enter the house I felt dred fill me as I wondered if I would see him again. I detached from mother as she gossiped to Ms. Barker, entering a room through a door closed off to the dance. Immediately I gasped when I saw the giant painting in the center of the room. It was Roman. Confusion filled me as I tried to comprehend why he was there. In the corner the room an old women who I hadn’t noticed when I had walked in was sitting next to the fire place. “Beautiful isn’t he?” She responded when she heard me gasp. “Yes.” I choked out. “May I ask who he is?” “That is my son Roman my dear, he passed away a long time ago in the war.”

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