[WP] A young girl has two monsters in her life: her step-father, and the one under her bed. She manages to befriend the latter to deal with the former.

As the door shut Sarah laid there empty staring blankly into space. She could feel the pain in her body, she could feel the dull ache and warm liquid oozing out of her but she was some how removed from it. She knew it was there. She knew how bad she felt, how horrible things were. She knew that adults are no supposed to do that to 11 year olds she knew it was wrong. She knew how disgusted she felt with herself, how she wished she could die. She knew, but it was too distant to feel. Too painful to recognize. As the hours passed and the still vacant stare turned to silent screams and finally back to stillness she began to become aware of a low growl from beneath her bed. She smiled, this was it.

Without a moments hesitation she dove under her bed straight for the monster. Shocked by the sudden change the monster recoiled backing away from Sarah but she was not giving up. As the monster opened its wide set of jaws and let out a roar, Sarah jumped in. Confused the monster reached in an pulled out the little girl between two of its fingers like he was examining a piece of spoiled meat. Sarah began to slap the monster screaming EAT ME, JUST FUCKING EAT ME, YOU WANT TO KILL ME SO FUCKING DO IT as she struggled to press her flesh into the monster's claws with tears streaming down her face. The monster tied Sarah down and stepped away from her confused. He moved in 2 years ago to feed off of the huge amounts of fear coming from this house but now something had changed. This wasn't normal, this means his food source was destroyed which would mean he would starve to death if something was not done. He gazed down at the small girl still begging to be killed, "to make it all stop" and he had a plan. He asked the little girl "if I can make this all stop will you do what I say?" She instantly froze, and stared at the monster then whispered "anything."

The next night as she felt the weight of her step father on top of her yet again, she did not "go away" like she usually did instead she quietly cried and in her mind she was screaming at this man who had so systematically been destroying her life. After her step father was done and closed her door Sarah walked across the room to her computer and a massive smile crept across her face, it was all on camera. She had proof. Sarah then emailed that file along with her story, her address, and her and her step father's name to every politician, news station, police station, hospital worker and prison guard in the state. As soon as she was about to press the button to send she suddenly grew cold and froze with fear. No one would believe her, he would kill her, she was bad and deserved all of this. The monster appeared behind her and whispered in her ear if you want this to go all away just press that button and with that the message was sent.

The next afternoon there was a loud banging on the front door and her step father was taken away. Her step father screamed about what a fucking whore Sarah was, how it was her fault, and how she would be sorry. Sarah had never felt such fear. The monster leaned over her sucking up all the fear, his eyes rolled deeply back into his head. He had never had such a delicious meal but he knew the bigger meal when he saw it. He gleefully followed Sarah's step-father knowing that her email had ensured a very long time in prison with some very horrific cellmates, he would be dinning like a king for the rest of his life.

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