WSJ reporters discuss Vince McMahon hush money story reporting

Those people think “quitting” would automatically solve the problem.


If they refuse and then quit, not only do they not have a paycheck, they can’t get unemployment benefits. And those are just the guaranteed downfalls.

On top of that, once again there is the implication that they’ll get a shitty reference, affecting their ability to get another job. So it isn’t just this income being threatened, it’s all future income. The power dynamic doesn’t disappear because they quit the company, they’ve still angered a very rich and powerful man with many, many connections in the corporate and business worlds.

And for people saying “well you can’t give a bad reference” or whatever, Vince McMahon is from the school of “fuck you,” so he would absolutely give bad references and then dare someone to sue him over it. How long were Sasha and Naomi out the door before they were being shit on? Kieth Lee was released and was suddenly “difficult to work with.” And those are the obvious public examples. Why would anyone think Vince or his people would be above telling other companies “employee A was a difficult employee and I don’t recommend hiring her.”

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