Yo I literally saw a bunch of males freak out over a girl not shaving and it says a lot about how guys see women

I hear this shit from guys at my school on the daily haha. I only really shave my legs if I'm gonna be wearing shorts that day or seeing my boyfriend cause 1. Who am I trying to impress at my wack ass school 2. Half the time I wear jeans so it's just unnecessary 3. Literally who even cares

Back in middle school I used to let overhearing boys remarks get to me but over time I've just stopped caring because I don't have time to fully shave my legs every single day and if I'm not even wearing shorts or seeing my boyfriend theres really no point. And if anyone has an issue with that, well, that's their problem not mine. All boils down to personal preference. I prefer hairy guys but I like to feel smooth for myself, I just dont feel the need to shave half the time. Theres more important things to worry about than hair on a chicks legs.

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