9/11 Drama in /r/Conspiracy when a user states (among other things) his alternate physics in which, "When something falls, it is always to a side because air does not have much resistance, if this were not true, rivers would be a straight line." And that Bush is weird, I guess.

These Truthers never made any sense to me with their arguments.

I don't believe in any 9/11 conspiracy theories, since there's no evidence, but there are way better arguments.

Look at the relationships and actions of the Bush administration and US government. They all had close relationships/connections with the 9/11 hijackers, assisted them and their families, and they all profited handsomely from the attacks within a matter of months.

War in Iraq was planned before 9/11, and what a coincidence, the attacks let it happen.

Bush held hands with Bandar, who helped organize the 9/11 hijackers, who were mostly well-positioned Saudi citizens, after the attacks happen.

Now that's the stuff that makes me scratch my chin. Not "jet fuel melts steel beams". That's like controlled opposition shit.

I don't believe it, but there's some funky stuff where I don't blame people having conspiracy theories. But it sure as hell isn't the well-funded Truther movement that controls the argument and turns it into a sideshow.

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