AITA for expecting my husband to post weight?

Hey Reddit I want to thank everyone on here for your comments. Not sure if yall will see this post but I'm glad I wrote what I wrote because this thread is a great reminder for me that I am not body police in my home, or anywhere.

My husband is a grown ass man and if he was able to survive in the world on his own up to the moment he met me, he is be perfectly fine living life without me telling him what to do. I would not like anyone policing my body or my job. I needed a reminder to let go and let him be, and yall gave me that. Idk about others but sometimes I need to be told to just fuck off and focus on me and stay out of other people's business.

My initial post is a bit shorter than I initially meant for it to be and I think it may have come across as a bit harsh, but it wasn't meant to be. Anyway, my personal insecurities are not the topic here. Thanks for reminding me what's important, and to get off of my high horse before I became am insufferable nag.

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