AITA for Not Sharing Musical Footage with my Former High School Bullies?

the fact that she's trying to accuse you of petty drama after you pushed her away for very fair qualms (Qualms that were caused by her partaking in petty drama, may I add) is sooooooooooooooooooooooo slimy and manipulative. especially if she is trying to make you feel somehow morally responsible for her not having what she needs to get into school, she should've had it recorded, if you need records keep them. also, depending on whether that behavior continued into later years, which I acknowledge you did not say, it could of been as recent as two years ago. If that's true and shes still mistreating you I would think of this person as someone who would definitely still bully you but that you got away from as opposed to a former bully, just a thought.

also NTA, because I keep forgetting to weave it seamlessly into my post like a philistine.

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