AITA for roasting a guy who said it’s okay to cry?

I can answer this!

Sociopathy is a spectrum that a lot of people fall under. You have to me at least mildly sociopathic to be able to do things like, be a surgeon or be a lawyer because, if you weren't, those life and death choices would break you. This is why so many people in those and similar fields tend to have a high rate of people who fall under the spectrum.

Psychopathy is the extreme end of that spectrum, so all psychopaths are sociopaths, but very very few sociopaths are psychopaths.

To put it a different way, it's like allergies.

Some people have something mild, like sniffles from pollen, while other people will straight up die if they are even in the same room as a peanut.

All of them have allergies, but very few them would need an epipen let alone actually die from exposure.

So, just like you wouldn't rush someone who has a runny nose in spring to the hospital, you wouldn't call someone who is just cold or calculating a psychopath.

It's not only incorrect, it's harmful.

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