Alan Watts and these assholes.

Watts is not like Sam Harris at all; are you kidding me? First off, he explicitly states that he is a "spiritual entertainer," so right off the rip, he's already conceding that all of these "philosophy" video/audio clips are to be taken with a grain of salt; unlike Harris, who takes himself way too seriously.

Watts, if anything does not hurt people trying to get into philosophy. In fact, I owe it to Watts that I am not the idiotic, ratheistic, stemlord I once was. In partial thanks to Watts, I have softened my atheism into a more moderate, philosophically-argued position- instead of the new atheist, "i merely lack a belief" bull shit "non position" toted by places like /r/atheism and and the majority of /r/debatereligion.

I don't know what "agenda" you're talking about- but I don't see any agenda except for a more continental-friendly one that maybe doesn't fly with western analytic thought, which comprises the majority of users here on reddit. If you want to shit on him for that, fine; but don't shit on Watts because you think he "dumbs it down."

As he has explicitly stated, in such clips he is providing "spiritual entertainment." And it is entertaining, and it does get the mind going; if it's not your cup of tea, because you have a more advanced understanding, then that's good for you. But some people need an introductory point that can pull them away from their implicitly logical-positivistic leanings.

He personally hasn't contributed to the "philosophy = new age" mindset. People who use his speeches and writings have done that.

Like the poster you're responding to said, he's actually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to eastern philosophy, and "The Way of Zen" is actually very even treatment of the subject.

When he writes his other "spiritually entertaining" books, take them with a grain of salt as he suggest you do, and realize that he is kind of creating his own hodge-podge of eastern thought to present to american audiences so that they can see things from an alternative viewpoint.

But at no point in that video did I say, "well that's bull shit." Because it's not. He's presenting a pretty popular Hinduistic view; maybe one that doesn't jive with western thinking, but a respectable tradition none-the-less.

This whole "hate Alan Watts" bull shit is stupid and betrays hipsterdom. Don't hate the player, hate the game. And the game is capitalism- hawking new age shit stamped with an intellectual's name.

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